Animals are part of what makes this world unique. From the gnat to the blue whale, each creature plays a vital role on this vast planet. Here are three justifications for giving all the species the chance to survive.

  1. Ecosystems Require a Sense of Balance

While you might think pests such as mosquitos should all be wiped off the map, that would have catastrophic consequences. Look at the power of bees, for example. Since the 1990s, a quarter of all bee species have been eradicated. This is troublesome because these winged insects are responsible for pollinating countless varieties of flora.

If there aren’t as many plants around, then animals who eat those plants will also diminish in numbers. This process would continue up and down the food chain, leaving a devastating mess behind. You can go to a wildlife sanctuary Smith County to see the significance of living species interacting with each other.

  1. Humans Owe It to Nature

Humankind hasn’t been particularly kind to its natural surroundings. Humans have exhausted more than their fair share of the planet’s resources. If society takes, it must also give back. After cutting down trees, it is important to plant some in the area right afterward.

Any type of habitat destruction should leave animals with replacements because everyone deserves to have a home. Recycling and composting are great ways to stay personally accountable. One other simple lesson is to cut up soda rings so that turtles, fish and birds don’t get stuck in them.

  1. Animals Are Awesome

Simply put, animals are really cool. They fly, swim, climb, crawl, fight and slither with the best of them. Here are some amazing facts:

  • Lions are unable to devour pangolins that roll into balls
  • Cheetas, the fastest land animals on Earth, can run at speeds up to 75 mph
  • Fleas have the ability to leap as far as 200 times the length of their bodies
  • Great white sharks can pick up blood trails from up to 3 miles away

As you can see, animals are worth saving. They were here before homo sapiens were and could be after as well.

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