You can have a big effect on your bunnies’ life. To keep your rabbits happy and engaged, provide them with plenty of room and a variety of toys. Many people let their rabbits roam around the house at least part of the day because rabbits are relatively easy to train to use the litter box.

Your rabbit will need both living and exercise space. Nesting boxes and other hiding places are included in this living space definition. A jog takes place in an exercise area. These should be as big as your space and budget allow.

If you want to keep your rabbit happy, you’ll need a hutch big enough for three hops. A minimum of six feet in length, two feet in height, and two feet in depth are required. You can expect your rabbit to have plenty of room to walk about freely in a 6′ x 2′ x 2′ hutch.

There is a huge variety of rabbit hutches are available, and at least there are the 8 best rabbit hutches to buy. But the basic rabbit hutch types are four:

Different types of rabbit hutches:

There are three varieties of rabbit hutches throughout the globe. And each hutch is distinctive. Three varieties are detailed below to realize the air and exclusivity.

1.     Indoor Rabbit Hutch:

An indoor hutch is utilized within the house, so the rabbit may be close by. A good waste drainage system, hay feeder, and water supply option are all priorities for the owner. Most significantly, the owner values adaptation to the inside environment. These cages aren’t meant for outdoor usage and operate best inside.

2.     Outdoor Rabbit Hutch:

Most owners foster rabbits for profit. Hence they need outside rabbit hutches. An outdoor rabbit hutch should have a stable atmosphere, predator protection, and waste drainage. Flemish Giant rabbits require extremely big rabbit hutches since they grow to over 2.5 feet and generate 20 to 22 pounds of meat.

3.     Single-story Rabbit Hutch:

Multiple rabbits should always be kept in a single-story hutch. For a single rabbit, the single-story hutch is 13 x 22 x 18, but for a pair, the size increase, so two or more rabbits may remain side by side.

4.     Double-story Rabbit Hutch:

Given that a two-story rabbit cage is akin to a duplex home, experts advise building a DIY multiple rabbit cage to provide adequate room for your pet. To accommodate several rabbits, most owners used to obtain twisted. They like two stories but must consider space and comfort. If not, the effect will be poor.

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