If you crave the rush of adrenaline that comes from extreme sports, you may be interested in learning horse jumping. This thrilling activity takes time, dedication and practice to perfect. Make sure you don’t push yourself too fast. Take your time and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. With these beginner tips, you have the chance to start strong on your show jumping path.

Position Yourself Properly

Find someĀ horse jumps for sale, order them and then work on your positioning while you’re waiting for them to arrive. You need to have a strong and secure half seat and full seat, and be able to move confidently between the two, to be able to jump well. Practice keeping your heels deep to ensure your legs stay anchored when going over a jump.

Practice Flatwork First

Before you even think about jumping, you need to have strong skills in walking, trotting andĀ cantering. Being able to maneuver your horse around the arena is crucial for future jumps. You need to be able to steer your horse and keep a steady rhythm while cantering around the arena. Flatwork deepens your relationship with your horse as you learn to trust each other.

Start With Ground Poles

A ground pole is a jump rail placed directly on the ground. Focus on your rhythm as you practice jumping with your horse over these low obstacles. This gives you the chance to increase your balance and strength as you practice your half seat.

Advance Through Different Jumps

The next jump to try after you master ground jumps is the crossrail. The shape allows you to maintain a center point so you stay straight before and after the jump. Continue practicing and only advance to more difficult jumps when you’re comfortable.

Horse jumping can be a rewarding experience that boosts your confidence and keeps you healthy and strong.


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