The Weighted Animal Vest is the surest bet for your pet to strengthen its legs, control its weight, give it strength, among others. This is a piece of exclusive equipment as it provides full body weighted dog vest on all the four legs, the weights do not touch the body, and its strap padding does not rub the dog. Besides, it has a high-quality patented design and materials, its affordable and the weights are added.

If you are a dog owner, you will be amazed by how much this Weighted Animal Vest will greatly help your pet. The advantage is that you can use this Weighted Animal Vest for a wide range of pets, including the high energy pets, overweight pets, sport training dogs, dogs with injuries, and anxious dogs. All the dog owners, dog walkers dog trainers, and the competitive sport dog owners are neither an exception in this.

When you purchase and use the Weighted Animal Vest, one and most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you will get the value of your money. The benefits of the Weighted Animal Vest are unending, but some of them include improved muscle tone, strength, balance, coordination, speed, endurance, agility, and performance. It also reduces aggression in dogs and heightens the bonding between you and your dog.
Weights Distributed On All 4 Legs More Effective Workout Builds Strength and Improves Over All Health.

The Exclusivity of the Weighted Animal Vest

  • Front and Back leg placement: – Our Weighted Animal Vest is one of a kind. No one has ever thought of producing an animal vest that provides weight to all your pet’s legs comfortably except us. We have followed approval from the veterinarian who disqualifies the tendency of other bodybuilding endeavors by other vests on only the front legs. The exciting bit is that we provide this increased weight vest at the best prices than you can think.
  • Sandbag weights: – The two-pound sandbags weight we provide to our Weighted Animal Vest shapes the body of your dog accordingly. You will be surprised that there is no such animal vest you will get in the market. We ensure all your dog’s needs and yours are met in our package.
  • Weight resistance and weight placement: – Unlike other animal vests that lack enough weight, our Weighted Animal Vest provides adequate weight that ensures that your dog builds the maximum strength and power. Uniquely, we have put the weight evenly on the outside to allow for coordination and balance.
  • Vest and strap padding: – We care for the safety of your dog what has prompted us to do padding accordingly on the vest and its straps. Particularly, we have done a half padding under the weights to increase the comfort of your dog and to ensure that the weights do not exert pressure on it. We have also done padding along the straps to ensure that they do not touch the body of your dog for ease of breathing. Finally, the vest is light in weight and you can wash it with cold water using a machine.

You can agree with me that the Weighted Animal Vest is an animal vest of a kind that your pet urgently needs. Purchase one for it today.

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