You should know that cats come with particular preferences when it comes to peeing and defecating. Therefore, you need to follow your cat’s preferences and other tips that will help you determine the best litter box, the best location, and other vital factors.

Generally, most feline owners tend to place litter boxes out of the way, in the spot that will minimize loose particles and odor in the house. That is the main reason why they place it on a cold cement floor, next to a particular appliance, or in the basement.

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However, it would be best if you remembered that these locations are not suitable for your feline friends for a few reasons.

In case you have an older cat or kitten, she may not be able to reach a litter box in time, mostly if you leave it in the basement that requires going down a long flight of stairs.

Since kittens are new to the household, they may not remember where you placed the litter, which is why you should be as persistent as possible.

If you keep a box next to the furnace, your cat may get startled, which means that it will have traumas about a particular box you placed. Instead of making a frightful experience for your feline friend, you should know a few things.

For instance, cats enjoy scratching the surfaces around the litter, so placing it on a cement floor can be unappealing in general.

That is the main reason why you should think about compromise. As a result, you should keep it in a location where your cat will have privacy, while it should be close to its whereabouts.

In case you place it in the bathroom or closet, you need to make sure that doors are always open so that they can go when pleased and avoid being trapped out.

Everything depends on its location, but you should add a hole in a closet door so that your cat can get out in the worst-case scenario. Remember that if you place it on a slick, smooth, or cold surface, you should place a small rug beneath it.

The Essential Litter Types

According to studies, cats tend to prefer fine-grained litters because it comes with a softer feel for their paws. Simultaneously, you can find scoopable litters that come with more refined grains, which are a much better solution than typical clay options.

You can also find dust-free and high-quality clay litters that come with small grinds, which can be acceptable and perfect for your feline friend. You can also use potting soil because it features a soft texture, but it will not absorb other options.

In case your cat has a history of being outdoor, you should try combining potting soil with the litter to make sure that everything is perfect. As soon as you find a litter that your cat enjoys, you should avoid changing brands and types.

Remember that cats are animals of habit, so you should start from the young age and avoid changing litter and other things that may cause mental problems.

Another important consideration is that sometimes when you get deodorant or scented litters, you will not make sure that your cat gets it. That is the main reason why you should avoid them altogether.

You have to place a small layer of baking soda at the bottom of it, which will absorb odors without causing repelling effects. If you keep it clean and maintain it properly, you can rest assured when it comes to odor.

That is why you should do it frequently and avoid neglecting regular maintenance.

How Many Litter Boxes Should You Get?

Everything depends on your preferences and other factors, such as your house’s size and your cat’s behavior. Generally, it would help if you got as many boxes as you have cats. In some situations, it is better to implement another one just in case.

If you have a single cat in your home, you can get at least two boxes and place them at different locations within your household, which will help you prevent the problems that may happen when your cat is defecating on a carpet.

On the other hand, if you have two or more cats, you should get a box for each one of them. Of course, you will not be able to designate a box for each cat, which is why you should leave it on each level of your home.

Remember that cats will use available boxes, which means that you will not designate for each cat you have. Sometimes, a cat can refuse to use a particular one because another cat used it beforehand.

If that is the case, you should keep your boxes as clean as possible and implement additional ones to keep your house clean and odorless.

Potential Issues to Remember

  • If you forget to clean and maintain it frequently, you will end up with dirty litter with a harsh odor. At the same time, your cat will have a mental barrier and problem.
  • If you get a covered box, you should know that odor would remain inside, which means that you should clean it more frequently than other types. You should click here to learn more about different litters you can get.
  • Simultaneously, covered litters may not have enough room for your feline friend to dig, scratch, and turn around in the wanted and desired position.
  • Finally, covered liter may be more comfortable for another cat to ambush your feline friend. Covered ones tend to be more private, but only timid cats prefer them.

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