Want to own an exotic pet in Australia? Well, guess what it seems that the country’s rules and guidelines are one of the most non-stringent ones when it comes to owning an exotic pets. A study reveals that more than 26 percent of Australians have a pet at home and more than half of them are exotic.

You will surely come to know that the right place to own an exotic pet is none other than Australia since the findings of yet another study showed that some Austr4alians do not even know that their pet is exotic.

While exotic animal breeds generally like to stay in their habitat of natural environment some of them can be domesticated. And surely having an exotic pet at your home makes you a proud owner of what most animal loves rarely enjoy.

So why is it that Australia is one of the best places to own exotic pets?

Well, the fauna of Australia can surely give you a hint about it. according to research, Australia is home to many rare found species of animals in the world including many species of birds, reptiles, lizards, snakes, and other animals.

The ecological environment of the country is vivid with both harsh arid deserts, and subtropical areas present. This gives rise to an immense variety of habitats in the dry arid bushland deserts of Australia and the dense canopies of the Australian jungles.

But where do pet owners reap the benefit of this?

Well, having such a diverse array of climates ensures that you can get all sorts of exotic animals and wildlife as endemic species in your country. After all, you do not have to important it from some other countries.

The wildlife rules in Australia are not that strict when it comes to owning an endemic species but the same cannot be said when you are4 buying and importing a rare variant of an animal back into your hometown in Australia.

You must remember that the import of animals just like in other countries needs special permissions and approvals from the respective authorities in Australia and getting this authority is surely not easy.

Finally a few suggestions for the pet lovers

Now we come to the concluding section of the article where we are going to provide you with some of the suggestions about exotic pet animal types that are most common in Australia. You can check out this list and choose a pet according to your preferences.

  • Porcupine
  • Agouti
  • Raccoon dogs
  • Squirrel
  • Tayra
  • Ring-tailed cat
  • Paca
  • Gambian Pouched Rat
  • Galago
  • Capybara and so on.

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