Birds may seem like delicate pets that are more fragile than other pets like dogs and cats.  In fact, birds like parakeets and cockatiels can live a long time if you take proper care of them.

Whether you are a first-time bird owner or someone who has had birds all of your life, you might want to know more about some of the latest supplies you can buy for feathered friends like yours.  You can shop in a big box store, entrust its care to your veterinarian, or visit vet products direct for bird worming products and other bird care supplies that are sold right now online.

Eliminating Mites

Regardless of how clean you keep your bird’s cage, it is always susceptible to bird mites.  Mites seem to appear out of nowhere.  One day your bird is perfectly clean and safe and the next day covered with mites that are all over its cage.

Getting rid of bird mites can be a hassle, one that is time consuming and expensive.  Your bird also suffers in the meantime until the mites are completely eliminated.  To avoid this problem in the first place, you may want to place a mite protector on the side of your bird’s cage.

A mite protector can be purchased online or at your nearest pet supply store.  It contains a repellent that keeps mites away from your bird’s cage.  It helps you avoid the problem of fighting these insects in the first place.  It also keeps your bird comfortable and happy.

You may want to change out the bird’s mite protector every few months or whenever you notice that it no longer has the repellent in it.  Most protectors last for one to two months at a time.

Guarding against Worms

You might assume that dogs and cats are the only pets that can get worms.  In fact, birds are just like any other furry pet in that it can contract worms if it is not properly cared for and maintained.

Unlike cats and dogs, however, you cannot give your bird a pill to swallow that will kill worms in its intestinal tract.  Instead, you have to give your bird drops that will treat the illness and keep your pet in good health.

The website sells bird worming drops in various amounts.  You can choose the one that best suits the type of bird you have.  A parakeet, for example, will not need as many drops per day for heart worms as a larger bird like a parrot or cockatoo.

You may want to have enough on hand to last for several weeks or months, however.  This quantity ensures your bird does not go without the care it needs to enjoy good health and avoid a problem that could claim its life.

Shopping by Brand and Price

As much as you love your bird, you might not have a lot of money to spend on pet care products.  You might need to shop on a budget in order to save money and avoid going into debt to take care of your pet.

You can filter the search for bird worming products on the website.  The filter options let you establish the price amounts you want to spend.  You can then see only the listing of products that fit within that price range.

Alternatively, you can shop according to the brand that you prefer for your pet’s products.  If you are a fan of a particular brand of pet care supplies, you might only want to see those selections.  The list of the pet care manufacturers are listed on the left side of the page.

With proper care, a bird can live for several years if not longer.  However, ensuring its long life calls for you to treat it for illnesses like mites and worms.  You do not have to rely on the supplies your local veterinarian’s office has available.  You can find a more comprehensive selection of bird care products when you shop on the company’s website today.


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