When you are a cat owner, you will do everything to make your pet healthy and happy not only by feeding them with salmon or their fave food, but you are also trying your best to provide them treatments or medications like CBD oil. There are a lot of alternatives to explore from different parts of the world, but the use of cannabidiol is getting popular among pet lovers because they find this Western treatment beneficial and helpful. Well, such positive feedback is true if it works for their kitties, but you should take note that you are in different situations.

So before using it, I suggest you get to know how it works, the effects or benefits, and consider asking a veterinarian if this type of treat is ideal for the health condition of your cat. It won’t be safe to just feed your cat with it, without even enough understanding of your pet – check on typesofpet online for more details about the application. As owners, we do care a lot about our pets that’s why we are providing this home buddy the love and attention he needs.

This is the main reason why a lot of owners are seeking for a natural and effective treatment to deal with their cat’s health concerns and issues. Fortunately, they have seen that cannabidiol is responding positively as an aid in various ailments, but again this will always depend on the system if it will receive the medicine or not. However, if this plant works on human beings, then there is a greater chance that this can really help because kitties are also mammals just like us, so it would be great to consider and learn more about the use of this plant extract.


Some individuals are confused with this treat because the moment they hear and read cannabidiol content, what comes first to their minds would be hemp or marijuana, which took them to the conclusion that this will make their pet experience euphoria. I guess cat owners need to be aware of this because it won’t actually make your kitty like that since this supplement is therapeutic and medicinal. The cannabidiol term is really there, but there are no traces of THC, which is a psychoactive element that makes weed smokers get the high feeling – read more from https://www.leafly.com/news/cbd/cbd-vs-thc to learn how THC differs from CBD.

You should know that this supplement or tincture is a mixture of hemp seed or coconut oil extract and comes from a plant called cannabis sativa or marijuana. Hemp extract is used rather than marijuana because it has a higher percentage of CBD and a lower percentage of THC. It contains a natural substance that is believed to help in calming or relaxing as well as treating seizures when consumed, though there isn’t a scientific proof about this and the experts are still going on their research and studies to prove it.

Anyway, this can be proved to be true after trying to treat your kitty with it. However, do not expect this to be a one-time treatment because you have to be patient in observing the condition of your cat for weeks. If you can see that his system has accepted it positively, then you may continue the treatment but make sure to consult his vet for more details and instructions.


How it works

Are you even aware that your kitty has an endocannabinoid system for maintaining their health or immune system? This substance is similar to the cannabinoids that are usually found in cannabis. Anyway, these substances pass through the bloodstream for a very important task and that is to send instructions as well as messages about what is happening and how the body will react to the situation.

Now, if your kitty’s endocannabinoid system is not fully functioning or when it has less cannabinoid substance in the body, then you may go for an alternative and that is through a CBD oil – find out more about this system. This will now take the task to lessen the stress help bring back to a normal state. Because of this treat, the cats will now be able to manage anxiety and other concerns like pain and inflammation.

But let me remind you that your kitty’s health condition is different from others so we cannot always say that what works for other cats is also applicable to yours. That’s why you have to observe during the first two weeks and check for improvements, changes, or effects. In this way, you will know if you are going to stop the treat, adjust the dosage, or find other alternative treatments that work best on your pet.


After hearing about this treat, you are surely excited to start feeding your kitty with it, but the first thing that you should do is to ask an expert if it is safe. This supplement is not always recommended because more research is needed and the doctors are also taking extra precautions. Let’s say that if more scientific studies will come out and prove that the effect is great, then maybe more vets will recommend it and won’t be hesitant to encourage the owners to use it.

Do not forget to consider the adverse effects that this supplement may cause. For example, your kitty may experience gastrointestinal issues and when this happens, you have to discontinue the consumption. Though this may also occur when an appropriate dosage was not given.

So, if you are not sure about the CBD oil, then you will have to stick with other medications that do not contain cannabidiol but ideal in treating the same health issues and concerns. If this supplement is illegal in your state or country and is not approved by the FDA, then be very careful with what you are buying because it won’t be good to feed your pets with something that may contain THC instead of cannabidiol. There is nothing wrong about trying to find treats for your cat, especially when they are experiencing anxiety, so just make sure that it is safe.

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