When it comes to owning small animals, cats are often one of the top choices in the United States. Second only to dogs in the number per American household, these small animals account for a large amount of vet visits every year. The reasons why a pet owner might seek out small animal veterinary services Montgomery TX vary. If you have ever wondered whether you should take your feline friend to the vet, here are five reasons to do it.

  1. Cats Age Faster Than People

Because felines reach adulthood much faster than humans do, it is not uncommon for a variety of health issues to arise over a relatively short amount of time. For this reason, it is a good idea to take your cat for a check up as he or she ages.

  1. Cats Hide Illnesses

Even if your cat is behaving normally, he or she may actually be sick. Unlike many creatures, cats tend to take on a stoic response to pain and sickness. They may act perfectly normal.

  1. Your Cat May Be Obese

More than half of felines found in American households are obese. Monitoring the weight of yours with regular checkups can help prevent future health problems.

  1. It Is Better To Prevent Than To React

Just like with people, it is better to take preventative health measures with your cat than to have to take reactive ones. Regularly visiting the vet can help keep your furry family member healthy.

  1. Cats Have Many Teeth

Another things cats and humans have in common: They both have many teeth. Most kittens have 26 teeth, and adult felines have 30. This means you have between 26 and 30 potential dental concerns to think about.

One of the best ways to keep a cat healthy is by routinely taking him or her to a small veterinary clinic. Like all pets, cats have many needs to look after.


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