If you often wonder if your indoor cats are happy living safely indoors then read these tips. Most of the time, cats are pretty happy living without the many threats that come with outdoor life. Cats will enjoy spending time indoors, especially if that’s all they know. They enjoy watching all the activity outside but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be out there. If an outdoor cat is now indoors though, they may still crave some of that adventure. Providing fun activities for your indoor cat will help them forget about the outside world. Here are 5 ways to keep your indoor cat happy from the makers of modern cat furniture, The Refined Feline.

Bring Some Of The Outside Into Your Indoor Living Space

There are a few outdoor activities that you can bring inside to your cat instead! Cat grass and catnip are surefire ways to transform your home into a backyard. Some stores may sell cat grass seeds, which you will need to plant. Most stores sell a small seedling already growing in a disposable container. Follow the directions on how to water, and whether it will need to be transplanted to a bigger pot. You can also buy catnip as seeds or a seedling just like cat grass. Wait for it to grow before letting your cat start eating it. You can let them eat the fresh plant or allow the pieces to dry first. You can even plant the catnip outdoors so your cat won’t get into it all at once! If you have other house plants already, ensure they’re safe for cats. A number of plants are toxic to felines that many people don’t realize, like lilies and poinsettias. These plants should be out of reach of your cats or outside ideally. 

Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy With Extra Playtime

Cats require at least an hour of exercise and playtime each day to keep them happy. Getting enough playtime will help keep them occupied and less likely to care about going outside. Ideally, this hour of time would be spread throughout the day. Cat’s energy occurs in spurts, so they typically won’t play for very long. This amount of time may come as a surprise, seeing as how long cats sleep during the day. 

Kittens need even more playtime each day than adult cats, but they have their littermates to help with that. Depending on how your cat likes to play, it’s better to have more toys handy than not enough. Cats need to feel like they are hunting and catching their prey everyday to feel fulfilled. Wand toys and lasers help release this hunting energy in a positive way. Most cats really enjoy an assortment of toys and will be pretty open about their toy choices. Shoelaces, hair ties, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and more can be a toy. To better hold their attention though, battery operated toys can be used. Be sure to put away any toys that your cat could become tangled in once playtime is over, like wand toys and anything with strings. 

Let Your Cat Watch The Outdoor Wildlife

Depending on your home’s setup, you can put bird baths out for your cat’s viewing pleasure. You can also get hummingbird feeders as well as a plethora of other feeding and watering stations. Before you know it, your backyard will be a wildlife paradise & your cat will have the best seat in the house. Some people feel like this is a tease for cats since they can’t actually hunt the birds. Letting your cats simply watch birds all day isn’t bad for them though. You’ll just want to ensure they’re getting proper play time afterwards to avoid frustration on their end. The cats will need to hunt and “catch” their prey when playtime is over, so they feel like they’ve “caught” something. Tossing a toy for them to chase or using a wand toy for a good 15 minutes will suffice. Reward them with a few treats when they’ve “caught” the toy to make them feel like successful hunters. This will ensure that they convert that extra energy towards something positive, leaving them less antsy after birdwatching.  

Adequate Cat Furniture Will Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Your cat needs adequate spaces to climb, play, and lounge to be truly happy indoors. It’s important that cats have their own area and cat furniture to play on and spaces to relax. Cats love vertical space so providing them a cat tree or cat wall furniture is a super easy way to provide them with this. There are many different types and styles of cat towers, trees, and shelves available. The size and style will vary depending on what your cat will enjoy the most. If you’re looking for something modern, The Refined Feline designs an assortment of multifunctional cat furniture. They are designed for your cat’s desires first and foremost but also blend in well with your home.

Take Your Cat For A Walk If It’s Safe

Is your cat still craving the great outdoors? Keep your indoor cat happy by going on a little adventure, if it’s safe to do so! If your cat is confident enough, a supervised walk in a harness may be a good option. Make sure to select the right size harness for your cat as some can slip off relatively easily. Let your cat have time to get used to the harness before taking them outside for the first time. Stay close to home with limited noises and distractions if you can. Your cat may not enjoy the experience if there’s too much activity around them. In time, though, they may enjoy it enough to explore further. They may also want to stay in the same area each time you go outside. 

Most likely, your cat won’t push to explore further if they get exactly what they want close to home. Most cats enjoy the outdoors simply for the sunshine and grass. Don’t force your cat to explore more than they want to as walking a cat is not the same as walking a dog. If your cat wasn’t a fan of the harness experience, a pet stroller may be a better option. A pet stroller has a zippered enclosure allowing your cat to sit safely inside while you push them along. Most cats seem to prefer the stroller more because they feel protected while still experiencing the outdoors. 

These 5 Ways Will Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

If your cat wants more of the outdoor life, try these 5 ways to keep your indoor cat happy. Already having a space or two to call their own will keep your felines happy. Transforming your home into a fun and happy indoor experience for your cat will keep them healthy and safe! 

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