The cat is a delicate and refined domestic cat, it eats little and several times during the day. It takes about 40g of food at each meal. In order for the croquettes to retain their flavor and aroma, they must be kept in a dry and clean place.

Having a cat automatic feeder at home provides great peace of mind. The reserve of croquettes remains safe and the cat takes his ration available in the receptacle several times a day according to his good will and at his hours.

Unlike the dispenser, a single bowl can not provide multiple meals. Practical, the cat kibble distributor is perfect to satisfy your daily appetite. The kibble dispenser is filled. The filling capacity ensures several meals to come. Delivered automatically as soon as the container empties. The kibble supply is transparent, it allows to monitor the level and make the extra before leaving home. The cat then comes to eat, eat a good appetite and leaves for his nap, games or observation activities. This is the best known way to manage the meals of your pet in case of absence.

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder F03—4 Meal

Call a neighbor for help or buy a cat food dispenser?

The neighbor, the neighbor must come every time you have to leave. It’s binding. Sometimes unavailable, neighbors in turn must leave for a few days. How to do ? Better to plan and equip.

At least with a kibble cat dealer you can count on him at any time. He is there constantly to fulfill his role day after day. Croquettes to satiety. Daily hunger is satisfied. Of all the models on offer, we are spoiled for choice. The kibble kibble dispenser is very reasonably priced especially when choosing from cat kelp distributors.

We can satisfy all appetites for one or more cats over several days. The vending machines are of course more expensive but they offer varied possibilities and they are programmable.


Absent for work, or gone on a weekend the cat remains alone. The cat can do without us, but no food. It is self-sufficient, as long as it has shelter and cover. About 16 hours of sleep, some phases of games in the day and enough to eat … The kibble cat distributor ensures. Royal, the cat is happy!


Ideally the cat should be able to find his food always in the same place and that every day. The cat kitty dispenser manual or cat kitchens vending machine should be placed in a quiet place where he can relax and get away from his bedding. The dispenser must be in a closed space, out of reach of any predator, in a dry place, sheltered from drafts.


Each kibble distributor has its characteristics and offers different storage volumes. A large dispenser model allows longer absences because it contains a larger volume of kibble. Up to 7L capacity. Such a quantity also makes it possible to feed several cats at a time and for several days.

The reserve of the kibble distributor is transparent, it allows to monitor the level at any time. With a quick glance we evaluate the remaining quantities, it is then easy to make the level.

The cat does not lack food since it is offered sufficient quantities for several days. However our friends cats can not stay totally alone for too long. Beyond 5, 6 days seems to be the limit not to exceed. A daily visit is advisable to make sure everything is fine. The apartment cat is sedentary, he needs activities. We will not neglect it.

WOPET brand suggested here:

Our pet likes to be fed on a schedule. But that schedule doesn’t always match your to-do list. Make sure your pet is fed automatically and have one less thing on your list, provide an interesting and better quality of living for your pet with WOPET! We believe the best nutrition for your pet is personalized. The automatic pet feeder A36 will help you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients.

WOPET A36 7L automatic cat feeder


The cat must also drink very regularly in the day, the purest water possible and in sufficient quantity. A water dispenser , a water fountain is the ideal solution to encourage your pet to drink. The water fountain constantly offers water in perpetual motion, it is fresh and rich in oxygen. It is the assurance of a cat always in good health.

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