What’s going to make a little feline so special? They are independent beings, soft, affectionate and of undeniable beauty, but above all they are small creatures that help us feel better, to be better and to feel less alone in our moments of greatest loneliness in life. Whatever kind of cats you have, I’m sure the relationship you’ve created with him will be unique and unrepeatable.

Only the owner of a cat really knows what his feline may be feeling or telling him, because although many claim that dogs are much more expressive and communicators, cats also know how to talk and live connected with their families.

If you don’t already have a cat, but you know people who have them and advise you to adopt one to improve your life, you should definitely listen to them. Next, we’ll give you a series of tips that will help you convince yourself about the idea of adopting a kitten, as that will be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

Science admits it

The chemistry that exists between a cat and its owner is something that has also managed to attract the attention of the scientific community, giving rise to all kinds of studies that explain that unique and special connection. However, we must not forget that love is not a quantifiable science, it is something that goes beyond traditional formulas, therefore everything will be approximate and theoretical.

The conclusion they reached was made on the basis of prolonged observation of different real cases, in which it was found that a cat undoubtedly make us much happier.

Cats know how to be faithful companions, especially in those cases of people who live in complete solitude and who tend to suffer depressions or anxiety attacks. Having a cat around will help them cope better with all those situations, bring them calm and a great feeling of love and peace.

The woman’s best friend

Several studies also wanted to analyze the relationship that women and men have separately with cats, determining that it is women who come to establish a better relationship with felines.

Women declare that the love for their cats is many times greater than they can feel for men, because if a cat loves you and respects you, it will do so forever.

Dog or cat?

Surely you have ever heard that having a dog is much better than having a cat, because they are more sociable and gentle. Although, this statement is not entirely misguided, since cats have a much more closed and independent character than that of dogs, but are no less affectionate or kind to their owners.

To understand the difference well, the first thing we must understand is that cats do not usually go out on the street, they are homemade animals, they live in enclosed most of their lives. This fact makes them clearly more solitary, but they are no less gentle or funny, we simply cannot see it. That kinder, more intimate part of a cat will be something that only its owners, no one else, can enjoy.

Therefore, it is clear that having a cat is a good idea. It will make you happy, it will improve your mood and what is better, give you the opportunity to have a unique and unrepeatable relationship of friendship and love. Because where there’s a happy cat, there’s going to be a happy cat owner. Do you still doubt it?


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