According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, Siamese cats are known for their sleek and distinctive appearance. They look amazing with their colorful coats and blue eyes and are quite well-behaved for cats. Let’s check out why Siamese cats make the best companion.

The Explanation

  1. They can live for a long time – Unlike other cats of smaller breeds, Siamese cats enjoy long lives. They may be tiny but are very athletic. Males can weigh around 9 pounds, while females weigh around 6.5 pounds. If you take care of them properly with a good diet that fulfills their nutritional needs, they can live up to 20 years.

While this seems inconsequential, the loss of a pet is devastating. It hurts and breaks your heart when you love and care for a pet and it passes away after a short time. On the other hand, if you get a Siamese kitten, it can accompany you for a significant portion of your life.

  1. Easy grooming – Siamese cats aren’t fluffy. They are athletic and have slick and gorgeous glossy coats made of short fur. Similar to other shorthaired breeds, Siamese cats are great at taking care of themselves and maintaining good levels of hygiene. When it comes to grooming, you just need to use a good brush on them once a week to keep them looking fabulous.

So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time grooming your pet and won’t have to deal with furballs all around your home. However, Siamese cats crave love and attention. So, even if they don’t need the brushing session, they may try to cajole you frequently for one.

  1. Great personality – When it comes to Siamese cats, their looks are the only thing that precedes their personality and reputation. Siamese cats are incredibly intelligent and can learn new tricks very quickly. They also love human companionship and are very loyal.

You may have a hard time trying to get work done on your computer as your cat tries to intrude on the keyboard and make its presence and need for a petting known. Siamese cats make great companions since they crave companionship as well. So, if you work from home most of the time, a Siamese cat would be the perfect friend for you.

  1. They are presidential and royal – Siamese cats are believed to have originated in Thailand in the 14th century and have been part of Thai royal families for a long time. In fact, Thai royals believed that their soul would transfer to a Siamese cat when they died. Apart from that, these cats are also quite presidential and literal superstars.

They have been pets to former US President Rutherford B. Haye’s wife and have starred in movies like The Lady and The Tramp and the Incredible Journey. If they were good companions for people who have a thirst for power and fame, they would be good companions for you.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you get a Siamese cat instead of holding out on the decision. They have been part of royalty, have accompanied presidents, and sometimes seem too majestic for humans. Don’t hold out on getting a Siamese cat to regret the decision later on.

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