When a cat appears in the house, the question immediately arises of purchasing a comfortable, and most importantly, an economical toilet. These requirements are met by a tray with a mesh. Due to its multi-functionality, it can be used as silicone filler, as well as conventional, woody. Many animal owners consider it to be the most practical and convenient option.

The design of the cat’s tray with bars

This tray consists of two elements: a pallet and a grate, which is placed over it. The grill is needed in a cat’s tray so that the cat does not get dirty in its feces. Like the vast majority of cat litter, trays with mesh are made of plastic materials. This is because other materials, such as metal, react with the faeces of the animal and oxidize. This is dangerous harmful vapors, which will have to breathe the pet and its owner.

Pros and cons of using

According to the cat litter reviews such a tray, like any other thing, has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages: This model of the toilet is inexpensive, and in addition, the owner will be able to save on the filler. Since the filler is completely hidden in the pallet – the cat will not be able to reach it and taste it. In comparison with conventional plastic toilets, this version of the tray is more hygienic. After all, thanks to the grill, the pet does not come into contact with the dirty filler and does not carry it around the house on its paws. A variety of colors.

A person can choose just such a cat-like toilet with a lattice, which would fit in the interior of the apartment. Main disadvantages: Daily washing. The grill of the tray will have to be washed every time a pet visits the latrine. Otherwise, he will get dirty in the products of his life, and the apartment will hang an unpleasant smell.

Cat’s tray with a grate will only suit those owners who spend their time, mostly in the house. If you do not wash the net in time, the animal may refuse to cope with the need again in a dirty tray, and this is fraught with “surprises” in the most unexpected places.


If you do not use fillers, then such an open tray will invariably exude not the most pleasant smells. Avoiding the last minus is easy. It is only necessary to pour a wood filler into the pallet, it absorbs moisture and keeps smells in it. How to use a cat tray with a grid Toilet with mesh is very simple to use. It can be operated with a filler, and without it.

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