If you love your pet immensely and want it to stay healthy for life, you need to buy the “perfect” dog food for him/her. However, the challenge of finding the right dog food for your pet is hard, especially when you are out to balance nutrition with a budget. Given below are some simple tips to help you find the perfect dog food for your beloved pet.

3 Top Tips to Find the Best Quality Dog Food

When you are looking for the best quality dog food for your pet, take time and research well. Remember, good dog food will never upset the digestive system of your pet, always boost his/her energy, give the coat a glossy, healthy shine and give a bright and clear shine to your dog’s eyes. Following are 3 top tips for you to find healthy and nutritional dog food for your pet with ease-

  1. Take into consideration the age of your dog, breed, levels of activity, etc: Note young puppies and dogs need more calories over their senior counterparts. Make sure that you check the nutritional labels of the dog food you buy. Senior dogs that have lesser levels of activity need to eat food with lesser calories or else they will become obese and develop health issues later in life. Some brands of dog food introduce products that are based on the breed of the dog. Some are meant for larger ones and others for smaller breeds. Take this factor into consideration when you are buying the perfect dog food for your pet.
  2. Be aware of the “buzz words” of dog food labels: In order to ensure that your furry friend gets safe and healthy dog food, make sure you are aware of the common words that you will find on the packaging of the products. There are simple words like “beef dog food” or “chicken dog food” that indicate the protein listed on the product is about 95% that excludes the water content. This means if the water is added to the dog food, it comes to approximately 75% of protein. Be aware of words like “formula,” “nuggets” “platter” etc.  Keep these words in mind and in case of confusion in case you are a first- time dog owner, consult your vet for advice.
  3. Know how to correctly read the ingredients listed on the dog food product: Make sure that you choose products that have meat as the primary ingredient in dog food. Note that terms like “meat meals” mean that the water content in the product is very high. Note your dog is an omnivore and unless he/she suffers from an allergy, should they be given a vegetarian meal as prescribed by their vet.

Therefore, when you are searching for the best quality dog food for your beloved pet, ensure you keep the above three tips in mind. Buy products from credible brands that are trusted in the market for the good health of your dog!

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