Your dog is depending on you to care for his or her health and happiness. As your dog gets older, you can anticipate that age-related mobility issues may begin to negatively impact his or her quality of life. Taking some steps to support your dog’s mobility can have a big difference on how your furry family member feels on a day-to-day basis.

Get Your Dog a Supportive Brace

Just like people, the cartilage and ligaments in dogs’ joints will deteriorate over time. If you have observed that your dog is moving more slowly or is more hesitant about jumping off of surfaces, it is possible that he or she is beginning to suffer some of the effects of osteoarthritis. A custom dog knee brace can help your dog move with more ease and confidence. A brace stabilizes the motion of a joint to reduce the possibility of improper motions which could cause pain or inflammation.

Give Your Dog Joint Supplements

Your senior dog may benefit from a supplement that promotes good joint function. Some popular supplements contain glucosamine, MSM, and turmeric.

Help Your Dog Access His or Her Favorite Hangouts

A dog who is struggling with a mobility impairment may have to contend with unnecessary pain when making his or her way on and off of furniture. A pet ramp or stairs can spare your dog from discomfort when he or she wants to be on a couch, bed, or window seat. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, facilitating better access to these areas can prevent anxiety. Your dog wants to be where you are, so help your constant companion get there more easily.

When dogs are able to stay active, it can boost their longevity considerably. Taking steps to make your dog more physically comfortable while facilitating physical activity and stimulation can help you share more happy years together.

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