Puppy power: The power your puppy has over you. It’s true, we treat our pets like royalty and providing the best home for a dog is what it’s all about. Your kennel has been designed and constructed professionally and now it’s up to you to maintain it. It’s not a problem at all because your dog is a part of the family and caring for your K-9 is priority one. Your perfect puppy can’t care for himself. He is relying on you to check his home and make sure there are no problems. Therefore, dog kennel maintenance has been placed on your to-do list by Rover himself, by a series of whimpers and whines and a few well-toned barks, Rover has put you to task, because you understand him, and he understands you.

Time to make those regular checks, beyond daily cleaning and feeding. Rovers home is just like yours and making similar checks in and around his kennel are as important as checking your own home. Again, Rover is a loved member of the family and he can’t really swing a hammer or pick up a paint brush. It’s time for you to do your duty and give that kennel the once over. You can do it because it is too simple not to, and every little check and repair extends the life of your super-duper custom kennel significantly.

No one knows dogs like you do anyway, right? Well, let’s just see: Dog Test. Though dog trivia may not be your thing, no one in the world loves your dog more than you do, and each wag of his tail reciprocates that puppy love. You’ve provided him (or her, such as the case may be) with the best. His happy little home was professionally built and placed on the perfect foundation, and the location is ideal. Now, and for the rest of time, maintenance will be necessary. Some of the simple visual checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Window & door seals
  • Caulking issues
  • Shingle problems
  • Exterior paint chipping

These are basics that can be performed each day as you feed your master (Oops, I mean your dog), his daily meals. It’s a best practice to get into, as is true for your own home. They are, after all, very similar.

The investment in your dog’s kennel is as important as the investment you made in your dog. The quality is second to none, however, this does not mean that maintenance can slide. In fact, good up-keep should be vamped up (just sayin’) to Rovers quality standards. No puppy alive fetches better. After long days of running and running and running again, it’s good to know that your dog will have a rock-solid roof over his head, protecting him from the elements and everything else. Again, it’s too simple to put off and Rover is too important to you, so put out the puppy welcome mat.

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