Seresto is a reliable, effective solution to monthly tick and flea topical. This double-action lapel fends off and kills ticks and fleas for eight months. If a tick or flea is fended off, it can’t affix and transmit ailment-causing organisms. It is a tick and flea lapel for cats and dogs that utilizes innovative, exciting technology to release the active elements in controlled doses over a long time. It denotes effective, long-standing tick and flea control without the trouble of monthly applications. It protects the dog from ticks, fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, as well as sarcoptic mange on pets without mess or odor. It is accessible in three formulations for large dogs over eighteen lbs, small dogs up to eighteen lbs, and cats of all weights. I have learned many things about Seresto from this Source. Let’s read a little bit about it.

How Does It Work?

The tick and flea collar releases the two active elements in low amounts over an extended time. The ingredients are then engrossed through the fatty layer of the dog’s skin and dispersed throughout the dog’s body to defend against ticks and fleas for eight consecutive months. It can be worn alongside the dog’s regular lapel. No matter if you have a dog or a cat; the lapels come with a ratchet release system that releases when the pet is under duress, which allows the animal to free her or himself. It also has a pre-determined verge of collapse if the dog’s neck and head get trapped, which permits the dog’s strength to smash the lapel and escape a hazardous situation.


  • Starts working instantly after you apply the lapel
  • Fends off and kills ticks and fleas for eight months, assisting to prevent subsequent transmission and attachment of ailment-causing organisms.
  • Eradicates fleas before they become capable of laying eggs
  • Stops tick infestations within forty-eight hours after application
  • Helps in the control of sarcoptic mange on your dogs
  • Waterproof and will carry on to work even if dirty or wet
  • Smell-free compared to older-generation tick and flea collars
  • Convenient, odorless, non-greasy.
  • Safety release mechanism stops strangulation if the lapel becomes tangled or caught
  • Safe if chewed on by the cat or dog
  • Light reflectors for additional visibility at night and in the evening
  • Accessible for large dogs weighing eighteen lbs and over, small dogs weighing up to eighteen lbs, and cats of all weights


The collar must not be utilized on kittens younger than 10 weeks old or on puppies younger than 7 weeks old. If ticks are there on the pet when you apply the lapel, they’ll not die within the first 48 hours and must be eliminated manually. If the cat or dog shows any indication of skin annoyance or other reaction to the lapel, take out at once and see the veterinarian.

Don’t let kids play with reflectors or collar, or to place them in mouths. Evade contact with skin, eyes, or clothes. Wash scrupulously with water and soap after fitting the lapel. Individuals with sensitivity reactions to the elements of the lapel must evade contact with it.

  • Note: Holds small parts. Choking hazard. Don’t put reflectors in your mouth. Not intended for utilization on humans.


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