If you don’t already pet a dog or you’re looking forward to owning one, then listen up!

Which breed of dog suits you most?

Owning a dog is a responsibility seriously. Asking the question that what suits your lifestyle is more important in becoming a dog’s owner.

  • Long haired dalmatian has got friendly and learning attitude unlike some stubborn species, that’s why they’re considered family pets.
  • German shepherd guides herd and offers a great deal of protection.
  • Golden retrievers are loyal and family dogs but they also love to be social with other dogs.
  • Labrador retrievers work closely with hunters.
  • The beagles are known for their love to hunt and instinct to track is flawless.
  • English bulldog is used in Britain for bull baiting which is considered a blood sport.

Five reasons why you should pet a dog:

  1. They will keep you moving. Studies have shown that dogs’ owners have shown on 35% more week’s worth of physical activity than those who don’t own pets.
  2. Getting a canine companion could improve your mental well being over the years.
  3. People who pet dogs tend to have a greater self-esteem, bounce back from a rejection faster pace and increased social interaction.
  4. Could benefit your health and even save your life as dogs have numerous benefits when it comes to strengthening your immune system. Due to their sense of smell, dogs are able to detect a small changes in the human breathing pattern that may be a sign of breast or lung cancer.
  5. The American Heart Association (AHA) has found that having a dog reduces your chances to get cardiovascular diseases while dog ownership helps to lower blood pressure.


These facts might pique your interest and hope you have a clearer mind to make a decision. Hope you got what you are looking for and make a better choice when it comes to pet a dog now.

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