The Border collie is an obedient and hardworking dog. Mostly people use this dog for some work or taking care of the sheep herd. This dog is an honest worker who knows his work well. People love to have this dog due to its honesty and hard working. This breed is very intelligent. This is mostly in use for the herding of livestock; people from Scottish border introduced this breed for herding to the whole world. This Border collie is an interesting dog. We can say that it is a gem for those who don’t have any companion in fields or workplaces. This one is best as a worker, companion, colleague, and pet.

Important information about this breed:

  • The Border collie, a medium-sized 30 to 45 pounds dog, has a powerful measure of vitality and stamina.
  • This breed is a lab mix; due to this, its qualities are different from the other dogs. Its body temperature needs exercise and daily routine work.
  • This breed needs more exercise than other dogs because if it left without any work or in isolation. This dog will get frustrated, its strength and intelligence allows him to work throughout the day in the slopes and valleys.
  • This one is intelligent than other dogs that’s why using it as a sniffer helps in getting things back or getting the target.
  • This dog is not cuddly; he wants some work every time. We can say that he is a workaholic dog.
  • As it is a herding dog, we can understand that he can take care of big flocks. Those flocks may be sheep, hens or other animals.
  • This is easy to train the dog. This dog can learn everything faster than others because he wants to do a job.
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