Since the very beginning of humanity, dogs have been the soul workers for humans. They are handy and easy to manage. Not only this, but they are also pretty much famous and well named because you can rely on them for so many purposes ranging from your security to your entertainment. Although, it’s not either safe to keeps pets with you but by maintaining proper hygiene and keeping them vaccinated with proper care, giving them toilet training you can have a great time with them. When it comes to staying in quarantine, this looks boring yet, it is the need for these hours. The spread of claws that covid-19 has made is turning fatal with every new day. Therefore, the World Health Organization has given a draft of precautionary measures that have to be employed for the safety of your homage. This could be a little more confined when it comes to dealing with your pets. But don’t you have to worry about, we will guide through the measures to manage your pet dogs in quarantine and will let you feel safe and secure even when the virus is roaming all over the globe.

Safety first

For now, there are no reports of animals turning ill from this coronavirus, though there have been vague reports of animals being the carrier of coronavirus. WHO has found that dogs do not need to be quarantined but since we have been dealing with this malady, we cannot simply let them out on streets and get affected actually and become a possible vector for the spread of the virus.

As a measure of caution, the American Veterinary Medical Association is giving recommendation that;

  • if you are dealing with CORONA VIRUS, try to stay far from your pet.
  • If somebody else can feed and play with your dog, that could be the safest way of action.
  • Else, you must be sure that you have washed your hands once you interact.

As per the guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is very clear that there has not been news of dogs being the source of the virus and becoming sick with it.

If you are suffering from CORONA VIRUS you should tell your physician and public health official that you carry a pet dog in your home. You should follow up on the detailed set of guidelines of self-isolating as per the directions and assistance of local authorities as well as the medical community if you have a sick feeling. You should be strict;

  • Must wear the mask when around the pet
  • Do not share food and give them love in terms of hugs and kisses
  • Wash your hands before and after the contact with your pet dog.
  • Avoid sharing eating utensils or towels even bed resting with your pet dog
  • Be sure you have an emergency kit there with you that should have your pet’s food and required stuff of at least two

Don’t let your dogs be bored

If your pets get bored they will bother you. So don’t let this happen. Prepare some good activities to make them entertained and busy in your quarantine days.

  • A DIY scavenger hunt

This can be playful. You have to hide treats and rewards in a room, hall or fenced boundary area. Moreover, you can offer the dog the left-behinds of an ended peanut butter bottle jar. This could be better and effective if you could create another game of fetching out things even in your lunch break time. Get a ball, or even roll on a pair of socks and start playing

  • DOG-TV-a feasible entertainment

You can easily read a book break whereas getting logged into the DogTV so they can enjoy a little more than usual. They even offer a 30-day free trial duration for the website that shows so many pet-friendly videos for your ease, relaxation, and a fine exposure. It is even a sort of fine activity for a human to give it sight, too, with different kinds of cute dogs, along with the mesmerizing music that might put you on and nearby friends in a comforting mindset.

  • Keep on playing inside

In a period of self-quarantine, it is still fine to take your dog in your neighborhood regions, like if you have a boundary-in backyard, let them free to run around. You can buy a Chuckit! toy or just get a tennis ball and play an easy fetch in your area. It will be far better if you have a child of young age who requires exercise.

  • A BarkBox is a present

For now, we know that there is not so much time to go and buy something at a pet store. Surprisingly the canine-tasty subscription box gives an offer. For a month, themed BarkBoxes (which initiates at $22) each have two toys, a set of bags of offers and mostly some kind of chew stick.

  • Healthy offers

Staying at home means so many meals where hungry pet dogs could be looking around or at least irritating while parked at your feet. You can make it a good time for a treat offer. Make options for apple pieces, celery or chopped carrots that will soothe their taste buds as you finish up your job.

Offer them treats with innovation

When it comes to providing them nutrition, the need is to get the right utensils for them. This is important because your pet dog is equally sensitive as yourself. If you make them feel worthy, you will be equally entertained in your quarantine days. There are so many epic and attractive models for your dog’s daily utensils that are great in every way. Our website offers a variety of versatile utensils. One of the most appealing and lovable choices from people is adjustable elevated dog bowls. There simple and user-friendly design is all that your pets desire.

  • The size of the bowl is sufficient for a one-time meal
  • They are easily accessible because of the adjustments provided
  • They are made up of stainless steel hence they can be rinsed easily every new time
  • They are resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • They are cost-effective and will work for years very sufficiently


Staying in quarantine is need for this hour but it does not mean that you have to lose interest in everything around you. You should be concerned about your pet dog’s physical and mental health because it equally pressurizes them like you. Get your self enough motivated for your pets and start taking steps today.

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