Now one wants to think about euthanasia for their pets unless it isn’t necessary. It is the vet that recommends the process after verifying all conditions. Euthanasia is decided only when your dog is unable to eat, sleep, walk, move, or purr properly. However, there is another fact that natural death is relatively easy compared to the euthanasia process, as it involves clinical methods, which mean cost attached to it.

Symptoms to Consider Dog Euthanasia

  • Pain that persists despite medication
  • Regular vomiting or diarrhea
  • Followed by dehydration or weight loss
  • Only eating when forced to
  • Continuous coughing or difficulty in breathing
  • Peeing or pooping without control

A veterinarian may also recommend euthanasia if your dog is suffering from a terminal illness, such as:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Terminal or incurable disease
  • Cushing’s disease

If you’re planning to undergo the euthanasia process in Westchester, you should be aware of all the costs involved. This is because every location has a different cost range. Above all, there are various methods of the euthanasia process and each clinic charges for different methods accordingly.

Factors Responsible for Euthanasia Cost


You can either put your pet down at the vet’s clinic or pay a little extra to have someone come back to your house and perform the treatment. Being surrounded by familiar sights and smells will help put your dog at ease and provide you both with relaxing moments at home. The cost of an in-home operation is more compared to the clinical method. Moreover, the cost also fluctuates depending on how far you live from the company.


A veterinarian’s clinic or a non-profit organization in the area can assist you in euthanizing your pet. If your pet is familiar with their veterinarian’s clinic and medical staff, they will be more relaxed in their presence. The cost of euthanasia at your vet’s clinic is slightly expensive compared to nonprofit organizations. Some nonprofit organizations and vet clinics provide a payment plan to pet owners who have financial constraints.


You can either keep your dog’s body and bury it yourself or pay to have it buried at a pet cemetery. You will have to pay the overall cost of a memorial park burial, including grave excavation and a casket. You could also choose to have your dog cremated (alone or with other pets) and have the ashes returned to you. Prices for incineration also vary depending on the option you choose.

Cost of At-Home Service 

You can request your vet for at-home pet euthanasia, although this is usually more expensive. The cost is determined by where you live and how far your doctor must go. In some places, you can have a veterinary technician come to your residence instead of a doctor to do the process, which costs lesser.

Zendog Veterinary Clinic provides at home pet euthanasia NYC packages. Before suggesting euthanasia, Dr. Ray suggests other therapies like Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medication, and Canine rehabilitation. They first try to help pets by identifying the root cause. All their treatments are highly effective and cost-effective.


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