As a dog owner, getting fed your canine companion is the most crucial part of dog ownership. Most people don’t realize the fact that every aspect of your dog’s daily routine and its overall health revolve around mealtime. Concerned dog owners always need to make sure that everything is perfect for their pets. It is a lesser-known fact that from what a dog eats to how it tastes, bowl positions, and even the material of bowls can cause some discomforts to your pooch.

Finding the right food for your dog’s nutritional needs is not enough…but investing your time and money in dog’s scheduled feeding time, in training, and feeding dishes is also essential because these factors are directly related to the well being of your devoted friend.

Have you heard that feeding from a raised dog bowls help to prevent bloating in your dog? Let’s discuss the main features of raised/elevated dog bowls and their benefits for dogs and how this affects the bloating in dogs.

What exactly are Raised Dog Bowls?

Elevated dog bowls are raised above the ground. Mainly they hold food and water bowl up off the ground to provide easy access to your pet dog. These are available in a variety of styles and materials, but these raised bowls are designed on the same principle. These dog bowls elevated include the space for kibble also.

These come in fixed height usually, but adjustable dog bowl stand are also available to meet the needs of dogs and growing puppies. Raised dog bowls have an approximate height of the shoulder of a dog that reduces the strain from the dog’s joints and prevents it from heading down to eat or drink.

Elevated Dog Bowls & Bloating:

There is much confusion related to these raised bowls and bloating. Let’s try to understand what is bloating, its causes, and is there any connection between elevated bowls and bloating:

What is bloating?

Bloating is officially known as volvulus, gastric dilation, or GDV. It is a severe condition that can convert into fatal loss if not address in time. Dogs gulp by nature, and sometimes they swallow air and food together. In this condition, gas causes the inflation of the stomach extremely high. This can also stop the proper flow of blood and within hour’s cause’s death.

Why bloating happens?

There may be more than one reasons for bloating in dogs:

  • Quickly eating food
  • Exercise, running and playing soon after meals
  • Overeating and drinking
  • Stress
  • Having large meals

These are some general causes of bloating in dogs, but still, the actual reason for bloating in your four-legged friend is not cleared.

How to avoid bloating in dogs?

Bloating can be prevented by lowering down the frequency of meals, sizes of the meal, and avoiding exercise just after the meal.

Raised Dog Bowls & Bloating:

It is an open fact that bloating occurs in dogs without any discrimination of using or not using the elevated feeders. This clinical condition is dependent on the breed of dog, size, body shape, and body temperature. There is nothing to do with raised dog bowl and it is simply a misconception. Thousands of dogs are using dog bowls stand without any issues. Vise versa, there are lots of dogs did not use dog bowls stand and still have bloating issue.

Advantages of Raised Dog Bowls:

There is a list of benefits for using dog dishes elevated for dogs:

  • Beneficial for Megaesophagus:

Megaesophagus is a condition in which enlargement of the esophagus happens. It becomes difficult for a dog to push food and water down into the stomach. Food remains in the throat and starts decaying, and sometimes the food can also enter into the lungs.

Elevated dog bowls provide a more upright position that helps your dog to intake food more appropriately.

  • Reduce strain:

Dog bows placed on the ground can cause strain on their neck, shoulders, hips, and joints. Elevated feeders resolve all the issues related to strain for your dogs.

  • Perfect for old dogs:

Older dogs usually suffer from spinal conditions, sore joints, arthritis, and orthopedic conditions. Dog bowls stand help your canine friend suffering from these issues and provide ease and comfort to them during eating and drinking. Elevated dog bowls are often recommended by the veterinarians as a useful product for dogs with orthopedic issues to provide them aid in feeding.

  • Back to nature:

Eating from the floor makes your dog feel possessive and territorial, and it is totally against their natural aggressive nature. When your dog eats from the bowl at the ground, it is not able to look around and behaves aggressively when anyone comes near their bowl. Eating from raised dog bowl makes them calm as they can see easily here and there.

In addition to all these benefits, elevated dog feeders help your dog to maintain their posture, these are hygienic and keeps pests out of your dog’s food, and cuts down on messes for you. Elevated dog bowl contains the feeding area in it and stops excited eaters from pushing their dog food bowl around.

Elevated feeders are perfect for your pooch, who likes taller eating and drinking stations. These feeders aid a cleaner eating environment and help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

Averyday Elevated Dog Bowls

The raised dog bowls from AveryDay are modern, sleek, and stylish. Frames are with simple and elegant designs that can easily blend with the existing décor of your interior. Raised dog bowls from AveryDay are perfect for every breed and require no complex tools for height adjustment.

Two large capacity AveryDay dog bowls are available with four adjustable height settings and all in one food bowl features. The dog food bowls available here are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Their rust proof body is also suitable for induction cookware.

AveryDay dog bows are an amazing practical solution for providing food and water to your dog on the move. These stunning features of raised dog bowls improve the digestive health of your dog and reduce strain in the dog’s neck dramatically.

Your pup loves the food, and it scarfs down the food, no matter how it is fed to them. But AveryDay raised dog bowls are the safest, easiest, and convenient options for you and your best friend. For further information, please visit You can also purchase the bowls on Amazon.

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