The French Bulldog is an active and intelligent dog that makes it a sociable, happy, playful and affable animal with children and adults. He is very affectionate with the members of his family, including the youngest ones, who are an inexhaustible source of games for him.

If it is your choice, you will surely find the perfect partner, but anticipate some important aspects that you should prepare the previous days:

  • Internal security. Your house must be totally safe. Put yourself in their place! Check that you cannot get trapped or fall from somewhere: check windows, balconies and stairs.
  • At home. Keep in mind that, like any puppy, the French Bulldog needs a comfortable bed and a quiet resting area. Feeling safe will help you get used to your new home sooner.
  • On the outside. If you have a garden, check that there are no holes or holes in the fence where you can escape. When you take it out to the park you should make sure you do not swallow anything, since your curiosity may play against you. Keep in mind that in the environment there may be many toxic substances for him.
  • To eat! As his teeth are coming out, he will chew everything in his reach, which can be a problem if plastic containers are used.

However, the stainless steel ones are durable, they do not break or splinter.

Mealtime should be a routine that should not be altered throughout the growth phase.

  • But what food to offer? Another of the most important choices you should make is what puppy food you are going to offer. All phases of growth are key. At each moment there is a food tailored to ensure a perfect diet, essential for proper growth.
  • Choice of the veterinarian. The puppy must undergo the checks indicated by the veterinarian, who will establish the vaccination and deworming schedule.
  • To play! Select toys of a smaller size adapted to the mouth of the smallest puppies. Some rubber toys are practically indestructible and can last for many years.
  • Put yourself in his skin. Its short and thin coat is very easy to care for, but in winter some cold can happen, especially with sudden changes in temperature. Pay attention to the folds of your skin because irritation may occur.

The French Bulldog , along with other breeds of small size, have established themselves as one of the most desirable options for dog lovers. In this society, where more than half of the people live in densely urbanized areas, acceptance of this type of breed grows for reasons of comfort and space.

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