If you just bought or adopted a dog, you’re probably full of ideas about how you can incorporate your furry friend into your life. Consider adding these ways to have fun with your dog to your agenda.

Enter Competitions

Getting your dog ready for a competition is a great way to bond and spend time together. If your dog likes obedience school, teach him or her new tricks and enter a dog show. If your companion is obsessed with smelling everything in sight, check out scent work competitions Phoenix MD. Make sure to keep your attitude friendly and excited so that you don’t stress out your puppy.

Go Camping

Many hotels and inns have rules against dogs, but most campgrounds are friendly to canine companions. Grab a tent and some camping supplies, and spend a weekend in the great outdoors with your dog. If you have a Labrador or another breed that likes to swim, find a campsite near the water. For breeds that like walking, such as Australian shepherds, choose a park with plenty of trails.

Find Dog-Friendly Restaurants

When you go out for dinner, you don’t necessarily need to leave Fido at home. Many restaurants, ice cream stores, and bars now have dog-friendly seating, and they even offer special treats for your dog.

Enjoy the Little Moments

Your furry friend is a member of your family now, so you have the chance to have fun every day. In addition to your big plans for holidays and weekends, prioritize your regular moments together. Make time for walks every day, and throw balls for him or her to chase in your yard or the local dog park. As a bonus, these activities keep you active and destress you.

Try one of these activities to have fun with your new best friend.

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