Whether you have a new puppy, a disobedient dog or an aging family pet, you may consider investing in dog training. However, before you search for dog training Pensacola FL, consider the different types of training you can pursue.

Obedience School

This is basic training, and it is typically the first type of training pet owners pursue. During obedience training, pets and their owners learn general commands: sit, lay down and stay. Minor behavioral training may also be included in obedience school.

Agility Competitions

Agility training is somewhat advanced because agility competitions are considered dog sports and require progressive tricks. Although this training should start when the dog is young, it involves advanced tricks, such as racing, jumps and obstacle courses. If your dog understands basic commands and you and your animal have a close, trusting relationship, this may training may be beneficial, especially if you have a young, energetic dog, but it also increases flexibility and improves health in older dogs.

Behavioral Training

If you pet is having behavioral problems, such as barking and damaging your home or possessions, behavioral training may be necessary. Other habits may include aggression toward strangers and various fears.  No one wants to see their family pets as bad dogs, but they may have bad habits that need broken. This training helps them be better pets and citizens.

Therapy Training

Many dogs are trained for therapy purposes, but these dogs must have the right personality and disposition. Your dog should be gentle and feel comfortable around other people and animals. These animals comfort the elderly in nursing homes and kids in hospitals. They are even used in courtrooms to calm people after they testify. Although training can begin when dogs are puppies, they are sometimes required to pass canine good citizen tests to ensure that they are prepared and have the right temperament.

Dog training has many benefits for you and your pet. Consider working with a reputable local trainer to help your dogs become the best they can be.


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