A dog, like any animal, needs privacy and personal space. Often pets can choose a quiet corner and settle in to rest or sleep there. In such cases, dog beds come in handy. Nowadays finding good furniture and other dog accessories is not a problem, as there are many shops that sell dog products, and Saint Ernie is one of them.

What is dog furniture for?

Everyone needs their own personal space, and dogs are no exception. A dog house and bed help minimize the stress and can be used for training, so that your dog knows it’s their own place to stay. If you are worried that an accessory will not fit into the interior or will occupy much space — you shouldn’t be. The Saint Ernie’s accessories are of an elegant design that will fit into any interior.

Dog accessories are different: crates, bumpers, covers and beds. Let’s take a closer look at dog beds.

What are the types of dog beds?

  • Standard – a bed without bumpers
  • With bumpers – has perimeter stoppers
  • With soft bumpers – a comfortable and safe option
  • Orthopedic – for weak pets
  • Crate beds and carriers – used for the pet transportation
  • Closed – for small dogs

A dog bed has several advantages that will benefit both the pet and its owner, including:

  • A bed is a cozy place where your dog will feel safe, it is an alternative to a den for a domestic dog.
  • Easy to clean — If your dog stays in their bed, then there will be less fur on sofas, beds and other places, and cleaning will be easier.
  • Pet safety — The bed helps to maintain your dog’s good health and immunity, protecting them from drafts and cold.
  • Easy transportation — a favorite bed will help to minimize the stress during long trips or moving.

The Saint Ernie’s dog beds are handmade of high-quality fabrics and meet all the standards. The Saint Ernie’s accessories are promoted and manufactured with the help of Club Debut. They are stylish, durable and will fit neatly into any home interior.

Each of the beds comes in three sizes:

  • Small – for small dog breeds, for example, the Yorkshire Terrier
  • Medium – this bed is suitable for a dachshund or a pug
  • Large – for large dog breeds, for example, Labrador

Shop dog accessories on Saint Ernie’s website (sainternie.com). Provide your pet with comfort!

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