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Raw diet for dogs is simply the mimic of a dog’s natural ancestral menu.  The instinctive carnivorous bias is the foundation of the whole concept of raw feeding. By feeding raw dog food you surely providing all the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to your pet and help them to live a healthy and active life.

Why say NO to processed food?

It is easy to purchase a kibble bag from a pet store that will surely last for a whole month and they assure you also that this includes all possible nutrients that your dag’s need. But most of us are not aware of the health issues that are seriously common in our canine companions. Food intolerance, poor dental conditions, obesity, and even cancer are the issues our dogs may have to face due to this so-called full of nutrients’ processed food.

Composition of raw dog food:

A raw dog food diet is the combination of uncooked meat frequently organ meat and muscles, raw eggs, whole or crushed bones, some dairy, vegetables, and fruits. Being carnivores in nature, eating raw food is simply natural for your four-legged furballs.

Misconceptions regarding raw dog food:

There is a misconception regarding raw dog food but is this true? Let’s dispel here:


‘’Raw meat can cause bacterial infection.’’


All of us know that dogs are natural scavengers and are very well-equipped for dealing with bacteria. The antibacterial juice present in their mouth and stomach effectively works and protects them against bacteria. One more thing to remember is that during the preparation of raw meat one should take proper usual precautions to feed this devoted companion such as cleaning the counter, washing hands properly, and using a clean knife.

Benefits of raw dog food:

It is a fact that you can’t argue with nature. Raw dog food is natural and has various physical benefits for your dog such as:

  • Raw dog food strengthens the immune system of your dog.
  • This food helps in weight control in a better way.
  • Reduces allergy symptoms in the dog.
  • It provides more energy and stamina.
  • It improves the bowel, liver, and pancreatic health of your pet.
  • Dog gets healthier and shinier skin and coat.
  • It improves digestion and provides cleaner teeth and fresh breath.
  • It helps older dogs with increased mobility.

In addition to all these physical health benefits, this raw dog food helps with behavioral issues of your pet dog that mostly relate to poor diets such as food theft, chewing, hyperactivity, and excessive digging.

It is also seen that raw dog food improves your dog’s well-being and health significantly. This diet also benefits to dogs that suffer from chronic conditions and certain ailments. This food also assists with reproductive health, obesity, arthritic conditions, diabetes, infections, and gingivitis.

Every pet parent wants something best for their pet dogs and if the raw dog food is in your budget range it is highly recommended for better health of your dog. In case of having a low budget no need to worry… rather than get a readymade raw food it is also good to make homemade dog food with fresh ingredients by following vet-approved recipes.

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