Training your horse for riding and jumping requires extensive time and dedication. The process can be made more difficult if you do not have the right tools to help you along the way. To train your horse properly, there are certain pieces of equipment you will need. This guide outlines a few essential items that every trainer needs to be successful.

Rope Halter and Lead Rope

Rope halters are specifically designed for training. Rope halters are durable, making them ideal for training new horses. They are lighter than traditional riding halters, which are usually made from leather or nylon. Rope halters have knots that rest directly over pressure points on your horse’s face. This can help you communicate pressure without causing pain. You will also need a long lead rope that allows you to control your horse without being right next to them.

Jumps and Barrels

Your horse will need to become accustomed to obstacles they will experience with riders, such as jumps and barrels. You should have some placed in the horse’s training area once your horse is ready. You can place roll top horse jumps, barrels and other training obstacles near the edge of your training area and gradually lead your horse up to them. This will let your horse become familiar with the equipment in a non-threatening way.

Lunge Whip

The name of this piece of equipment can be misleading. Lunge whips are not used for hitting or smacking your horse. Rather, they are used to lead your horse in a circle, desensitizing the horse to equipment and teaching your horse basic commands. You can use your lunge whip to address behavioral issues as well, such as bucking or head-rearing. It is also used to teach proper spacing and reinforce vocal cues.

With patience and the right equipment, training your horse can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Use this information to gather everything you need before you hit the training field.


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