Pets are like your other family members and you need to take care of them when they are sick or injured. The best insurance for pets bears the cost of veterinary treatment if your pet gets injured or falls ill. Even some insurance providers also payout if your pet is lost or stolen, it dies, or it causes some damage to the property of a third party. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind and it also reduces some of the financial burdens when a pet needs medical care.

Since there are no hard fast rules for pet insurance, but you still need to take care of the following issues to choose the best insurance for pets:

  • Right cover for your pet:

It’s a difficult decision so you need to take advice from your vet. Normally, pet insurance covers cats and dogs only, but some insurance cover horses, birds, and rabbits too. Types of cover also vary and most of the pet insurance policies cover vet fees for injury or illness. It’s good to check what each policy cover and avoid paying for unnecessary cover. Check the track records of insurer’s dependability.

  • Age factor:

It’s difficult to find pet insurance for older animals so better check the age limit on the policy. There are certain policies with them you need to pay towards the treatment cost for a claim when your pet reaches a certain age limit.

  • Best deals:

It is better to get quotes from various online and other insurance companies to get the details and to compare their policies easily. Always remember that in case of paying the monthly premium by direct debit you need to pay additional charges rather than paying yearly charges.

  • Policy coverage:

Mostly the insurance policies do not cover neutering, vaccination, and other routine treatments. Pregnancy issues, worm control, flea, and pre-existing conditions of your pet are also not included. Never forget to check after-hours emergency care that is quite expensive and mostly it is not the part of a standard policy. Always know excluded treatments such as dental treatment and elective treatments are not included in insurance, coverage policy.

  • Premiums:

Never attract towards a policy because of its initial discount or special offer because in most cases it is for the first year of cover. Usually, you are not able to make a claim for the initial 10 to 15 days and any claim you make will surely impact the premium at the time of insurance renewing.

  • Policy cancelation:

If you need to cancel or change the pet insurance policy than you have usually 14 days to change your mind. However, you need to pay for the days you were insured. But, if you need to cancel or change the plan after 14 days you have to pay the remaining annual premium.


Always choose a pet insurance company that you feel comfortable with. A good insurance company always shows a willingness to answer your questions thoroughly. A reputed insurance company with good reviews will always handle your claims professionally in a much better way.

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