If you’re in the market for Aussie puppies or any other puppies, you will certainly want to know how to ensure you are choosing a healthy one. Here are a few tips to help guide your search as you seek the perfect puppy.


One of the first things to inspect in a potential puppy is her face. Her eyes should be clean, clear and bright, with no signs of redness or irritation. She should have wax-free, odor-free ears (odor or excess wax can be signs of infection). She should also have a slightly wet, cold nose with no discharge or signs of illness. Be sure she can breathe easily as well — there should be no coughing, grunting or wheezing sounds. Take a look at her mouth too, if you can; look for clean, white teeth and pink gums.


Healthy puppies should have soft, shiny and clean fur without any signs of fleas or lice. Her ribs should not be visible (if they are, this may be a sign of malnutrition or other digestive problems). She should have strong legs and be able to walk easily, without limping. Her paws should have strong, healthy nails and intact, crack-free pads. Check her bottom as well: it should be clean and dry.


Look for a puppy who is friendly, alert and active. The temperament a puppy shows during your first meeting is often the same temperament she will show later in life. Avoid nervous, fearful or hostile dogs, since they will probably display behavior issues later on. Although shy or nippy dogs might seem endearing now, they will likely be challenging dogs in the end.

With all this in mind, a little attention to detail now will result in a happier, healthier dog choice in the long run. By taking the time to choose a healthy puppy, you will be rewarded with a perfect furry best friend for many years to come.



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