There is a reason dogs are beloved across the globe. These four-legged friends show compassion, love and dedication that lasts a lifetime. Once you have decided to get a new fur-ever friend, here are three professionals you want to line up to help care for your pup.

  1. Choosing a Vet  

One of the first appointments to make is for a wellness exam. During this visit, your vet checks for any health concerns and gives you guidance on the care of your new dog. When finding a vet, be sure to ask friends and families for their recommendations and read reviews online. Before making the final decision, call the office. You want to verify that the staff seem professional, provide the services you need and have the appropriate professional affiliations.

  1. Finding a Groomer  

Dog grooming is one of those things you may assume is super easy but can be a challenge depending on the breed. Start by looking for fur dog grooming Simi Valley. Check that the groomer has experience with your type of dog. Additionally, as you dog-gedly pursue the right professional, read up on whether they can provide nail trimming. This task may seem innocuous but needs to be done carefully to protect your new friend.

  1. Getting Pet Care 

Whether you are working from home or traveling to see family, you can’t always keep your furry companion with you. Fortunately, there are plenty of daycare options for your dog. While looking for a pet sitter, you want to follow the same steps you did with your other care providers and seek recommendations and read reviews. As well, when choosing a facility, visit in person to ensure it has the room and resources your canine friend needs.

Congratulations on your new best friend and the lifetime of happiness to come!


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