Ah, there is nothing like a family vacation! After working hard everyday, you have finally found time to get everyone together and hit the road. You have over a week off from work. There is only one problem. What should you do with your pet cat while you are relaxing at the beach? If you find yourself in a situation where you need to leave town and have no one to look after Simba, do not despair. This is where cat boarding can come in.

What Is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding is when an animal hospital or another type of animal care facility provides temporary housing for cats while their owners are away. With boarding, you drop your cat off at the facility before leaving town, and upon your return, you pick him or her up at an agreed upon time. While you are gone, professional pet specialists provide necessary food, exercise and attention for your cat.

Do I Really Need To Board my Cat?

Sometimes, cat owners mistakenly believe their cat will be fine left alone for long periods of time. While it is true that many cats enjoy their solitude and do quite well left alone for small amounts of time, it is never a good idea to leave a cat alone for several days. Cats are living beings who need attention. This is true despite what their personalities sometimes suggest.

How Can I Prepare My Cat for Boarding?

Be sure to vaccinate your cat before seeking out boarding services. Most boarding facilities require all pets to be current on rabies vaccines among others. This is for the safety of your pets as well as others.

If you are going on an upcoming vacation, it might be a good idea to use a cat boarding Tomball TX service to look after your feline family members while you are gone. This way, you can rest easy knowing someone is caring for your beloved pet.



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