A furry friend is lovable, offering spunky and energy to a home. The addition may prove quite fulfilling as you add someone new to the family. Your new little friend, however, has specific needs, so it’s imperative to plan for certain elements, ensuring that your puppy gets everything he or she requires. The following are four things to consider.

  1. Create a Safe Spot

Before walking inside for the first time, introduce your place’s scent. Bring out a blanket, and allow a good sniffing. This act removes a bit of the shock from going into the home. Permit your pup to walk around, acclimating to the area. Be sure to follow!

Introduce a particular location as a new home base. Have a cozy bed and blanket on hand, as well as some fun toys. Don’t overwhelm! Go slow, and keep things happy and simple.

  1. Establish Potty Training Routine

Like babies, puppies have to go potty a lot. Designate a corner for in-house accidents, placing a pee pad on the floor. This decision may assist with missed opportunities to head outside. Go outside frequently, and offer a reward for doing the right thing.

When this task becomes a struggle, don’t get frustrated. Reach out for an expert. Search dog potty training Lake Elsinore CA for someone local to provide necessary guidance.

  1. Purchase Chew Toys

Puppies require teething time. If you don’t want them going after your shoes or belongings, then have several chew toys nearby.

  1. Encourage Play Time

Social time allows your little one to learn to get along with others and get out excess energy. Go on walks and designate some one-on-one time. Look for puppy parks in your town. Just remember to have shots up-to-date.

Warm, wet kisses show love and affection. Enjoy them. Between snuggles, be sure to make the home a place safe and welcome for your pup. Have a space set aside, and be sure to plan lots so playtime.


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