To figure out what type of boarding situation will work for you, create a list of the things you’re horse requires. Next you’ll need to know your budget. Boarding prices can range widely in the price per month and you need to know what you can afford before you start looking for a barn.

Full Board

One of the most popular options of horse boarding Northampton MA is full care board. Everything is taken care of for you including feeding, mucking the stall, turning them out to pasture, blanketing, vet care and farrier care. You can show up to ride knowing your horse is happy and healthy. This is the most expensive option.


A part-board situation allows you to decrease the amount of your full board monthly fee, usually by half, but you have to share your horse with another person. The best person would be someone you already know and trust, who rides like you and is willing to sign a contract about riding days, vet care and farrier fees.

Pasture Board

Pasture board can be a less expensive option with many benefits. The horse stays in the pasture all day, every day, which allows them to roam freely and stay close to nature. There are typically run-in shelters for the horse to enjoy in bad weather. Many times the farm will offer the benefits of full board, such as feeding and scheduling vet care.

Self-Care Board

This is the most hands-on option, which means you need to have a schedule that allows you to visit the farm daily. You’re paying for the land to keep your horse on, but all the care and maintenance is on you. As the least expensive option, it can work well for those on a tight budget as long as you’re willing to put in the time.

Your schedule, your budget and your horse’s temperament can help you decide what the best boarding option is.


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