County fairs are a classic piece of American culture. A community gathers at its fairgrounds over the course of a week or so to enjoy coming together in many ways. Here are some key things to enjoy when you head out to your county fair.

Farm Animals

Animal barns are a highlight of the county fair, especially for families with young children. Wandering through, you’ll see animals of all kinds on exhibit, from chickens and rabbits to horses and cows. Horse owners use horse trailer services West Chester PA to bring their beloved animals to the fair, and you can often watch various riding competitions. Check out the animals that have won various prizes and talk to the owners about their animals. You’re sure to learn a thing or two and may get a chance to pet some animals you don’t see every day.

Fair Food

Nothing says county fair quite like corn dogs, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. Heading to the fair is an excuse to eat all the fried and sugary foods your stomach can handle. In many areas, local organizations such as churches or service clubs offer food booths as fundraisers. Here you might find homemade pies, grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut, and other culinary delights. Just be sure that you don’t eat so much junk food that you can’t handle the rides afterward.

Midway Rides

The flashing, colorful lights of a county fair midway can usually be seen from quite a distance, often drawing people in when they’re just driving by. Get yourself a ride wristband and enjoy all of the fun, from the tame carousel to the speedy thrill rides. Grab a wristband for that special someone as well, and enjoy the romance of looking over the midway lights together from atop the Ferris wheel.


If you haven’t enjoyed a county fair since you were little, give yourself a chance to reminisce when the next one comes around. The county fair offers plenty of fun for people of all ages.


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