‘’Pet portraits are a great way to show your love and care for your beloved fur-covered companion.’’

Do you wish the precious moments of your pet exclusively painted having a touch of perfection and a lot of passion???

You need a pet portrait artist who can create paintings of your beloved pets as a keepsake for you, but do you know that pet portrait artistry requires a perfect blend of artistic talent with an endless love for animals. For custom pet portraits, portretum.com is undoubtedly a perfect platform.

Why portretum.com is best?

Because they are professionals and they actually know what makes a good photo for a pet portrait. According to portretum.com good photos for portrait must have:

  • A focused photo with the pet closes up in the frame.
  • A photo that shows the entire pet without cropping off its tail, paw, or ears.
  • A photo that must be a true representative of the personality and character of your pet.

In portretum.com a portrait maker knows all the essential features to cover in a perfect pet portrait. They get all the possible information’s from your given photographs and transfer these on to the paper in a highly artistic, graceful, and elegant way to create a masterpiece that reflects all the qualities and beauty of your pet in a portrait.

Portretum.com not only creates a photorealistic image, but they try to reflect everything the animal’s personality. They ask the owner about the quirks, special qualities, and mannerisms of their pet and then pick a pencil to start making a portrait.

The artist gets warmed up with plenty of sketches of the pet before finalizing the angle and composition of the portrait. This initial paperwork allows portretum.com to provide a superb portrait of their client’s furry friend. Pet portrait is also not about 100% accuracy or seriousness, but it can also represent some whimsy and humorous touch.

The artists here at portretum.com know their work very well and use under-painting to add dimension to the portrait, use contrasting colors with the palette, and portrait in layers to create a lovely and adorable portrait of their subject that keeps countless emotions and angles for you.

Portretum.com is a platform that you can avail for various kinds of portraits not only for pet portraits, but they provide stunning home portraits, wedding portraits, and portraits of several other occasions according to your demand and provided photos. You simply need to provide your picture of what you wish to get in a portrait form and they start working on it immediately. Keeping care of all the essential details artists completes the portrait or illustrations in three to five days and send this custom digital portrait to you. You can ask for any additional editing also.

These custom portraits are the perfect gift for any occasion or you can get a custom portrait of your beloved pet to keep it as a beautiful memory of lovely moments and joy you experienced with your pet. You can get simply superb custom portraits from portretum.com at very affordable prices.

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