If you are going to buyor sell animals it is important that you know the rules, laws and rights thatregulate this practice. We tell you everything you need to know about dogs for sale.

Sale of pets in establishments and legal breeders

If you are thinking about adding a new member to your family in the form of apet, a good option isto adopt, something that you caneven start over the Internet. With this practice you will not only give asecond chance to an abandoned animal, but you will contribute to a veryimportant social work. However, if the firm choice is that of thepurchase, there are a series of recommendations, rights andobligations that must be taken into account. Both who buys and whosells must know their responsibilities, legal and moral, in order to preservethe rights of animals. We explain everything you need to knowabout buying and selling pets.

When talking about the sale of pets you have to take into account that they are living beings, so it is not possible to apply the same criteria as for an object. It is logical to think that we can not go to the store to return it because it does not “just convince us”. This is something that we must have clear before going ourselves to the purchase of a pet. 

It is important to know that if the animal that we have bought sick, does not adapt to the new environment or, in the worst case, dies, the seller cannot be held responsible, unless those issues are due to a birth or a hidden problem, in which case the establishment or breeder must attend to our claim. Therefore, a legal guarantee period of eight days is established to verify that the acquired pet does not have hidden lesions or incubating diseases. We will also have the right to claim if they give us ‘cat for a hare’ or, what is the same, if an animal with a pedigree has been bought and then turns out to be a mixture, for example.

The sale of petsamong individuals is illegal

Many people do not know that the sale of pets among individuals is prohibited, and although it is a practice that exists, it is illegal. “The breeding of animals for sale requires obtaining a license from a zoo, something that, among other requirements, is regularly violated by individuals who sell animals,” says Daniel Dorado. Individuals engaged in the sale of pets usually do not comply with the legislation that regulates this activity and raise animals without taking into account many factors, such as having optimal facilities or mandatory veterinary care. Puppies are usually very cheap because they are not sold under the conditions or with the necessary guarantees. Buy a puppy from a breeder, or an establishment with all the guarantees and conditions, has a price.

Obligations of the buyer of a pet

Like the seller, the buyer of a pet must also know what his obligations as an animal keeper are. When a person makes the decision to buy a pet, he sometimes forgets that with the animal we also acquire obligations and responsibilities. We must, therefore, inform ourselves of the sanitary and administrative commitments that our pet requires, which will be different depending on the type of animal. In the case of pets such as dogs or cats, for example, we will have to take into account the vaccination, the obligatory veterinary treatments, bring up a veterinary card with all the animal’s data, and register it with a localization chip.

In some cases you will also need civil liability insurance. Of course, in all cases the buyer agrees to treat the animal well, to assist him, and to provide him with a life as dignified as possible, to investigate the care and type of food that his pet should receive and, of course, to do everything from the current legality so that no one is harmed in the transaction.

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