Who doesn’t love massage??? It does not hurt, but it’s divine.

Do you know how to massage your dog?

Maybe it seems silly, but dogs, like humans, also love to take a massage, and it’s incredibly beneficial for your furry friend. Massage relaxes your pup, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect and bond with your pup. These aren’t the only benefits, but dog massage provides:

  • Maximum relaxation to your dog from stress and anxiety.
  • Promotes the overall well-being of your canine friend.
  • It improves body functioning and encourages deeper breathing.
  • It helps your dog to rehabilitate, reduces pain, swelling, keeps scar tissues to a minimum, and sprains faster.

Giving massage to your dog is not like massaging another person because that will be too rough for them and may cause some adverse effects. Fourpawsholistictherapy.com is a professional business for dog massage Denver. Four Paws Holistic Therapy advises you about how to keep your dog relaxed and comfortable for a massage.

Seven tips to massage your dog:

  1. Don’t force your dog into a submissive position when she is fearful or anxious; it will only increase anxiety. You can have a long walk with your dog before starting a massage or when it is relaxing before bed.
  2. A light touch is the key. Start the massage softly and gently all over and talk to her softly to make her feel calm and relaxed.
  3. Your pet dog is so comfy; massage its neck by making circular motions.
  4. Maybe your dog doesn’t like it when you massage her legs, in such a case, move to another body part. Be careful of rubbing their paws and pads.
  5. Give little extra time to massage your dog’s shoulders.
  6. While massaging the back of your dog on either side of the spine, keep your hands working up and down the spine with circular movements.
  7. Keep gently massaging, and once you finish, your dog should be stress-free and relaxed.

Four paws holistic therapy:

Here, Gillian Edwards combines energy, communication, and massage to bring balance, peace, health, well-being, and comfort to your animal companion. This dog massage, Denver business, helps animals to activate their natural abilities to balance and heal their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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