Owning a dog can bring a lot of joy and love into your life; whether you are laughing at a new puppy tripping over its own feet or you love having your pet snuggled up on the couch with you, having a dog around your home can certainly have a positive impact in your life.

Unfortunately, dogs sometimes require medical attention but there are several options to get your dog seen and get any concerns taken care of quickly.

Veterinary Office

If you have a local veterinary office that you trust and you have the time to take your dog to the vet yourself, visiting an office is a good option for you. The vet will be on site with all of the necessary equipment to take care of your pet.

The downside of the veterinary office is that the hours of operation may not fit your schedule. Offices are typically closed or have limited hours on the weekend so if an emergency occurs, going to the veterinary office may not be an option.

Mobile Veterinary Practices

Depending on where you live, Local pet care Spanish Fort AL options may offer the services that can bring a mobile veterinary office to you. Typically specialized vans will be equipped with everything the veterinarian will need to assess and treat your dog.

This option essentially offers house calls for your dog if you are unable to get your pet to the office for any reason.

Online Consultations

If your pet is experiencing symptoms that you do not believe require a physical examination, you may be able to have a video or phone consultation with a veterinarian to get help. This option is especially great if you do not have any veterinary options nearby because, with the nature of online consultations, you do not need to be in the same place as the veterinarian you are working with.

Even if you do not suspect anything is wrong, it is always good practice to have regular wellness checks to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

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