Keeping your horse healthy and happy means you get to enjoy each other for many years without the major issues that occur due to neglect. You’ll be riding together, and perhaps winning competitions when you take the time to care for your horse in the best ways possible.


Horses are social creatures, so if you only have one horse it can be a fantastic idea to do horse boarding Easthampton MA so they can be around plenty of other horses. They gain social skills and learn how to behave, especially when young horses are paired with older ones. Horses are herd animals and this means they crave being around other animals like them. Make sure you are satisfying your horse’s need for companionship by owning more than one horse or boarding them.

Get Moving

Made to run freely, horses kept in stalls can quickly deteriorate in both physical and mental capacities. It’s crucial to get your horse moving in various ways. You can do trail rides, let your horse graze in the pasture or go out for a gallop to keep your horse moving and prevent aching joints.

Routine Care

It’s important to have regular veterinarian and farrier visits to ensure your horse is as healthy as possible. The vet does a well-check every year to stay updated on your horse’s condition and to update any vaccinations while the farrier takes care of the health of the hooves. Regular grooming is another important part of routine care. When brushing your horse, take the time to feel around for any sensitivities or discomfort. You’ll have a baseline knowledge of your horse’s overall health when you take the time to groom thoroughly.

Caring for your horse allows you to build a relationship while enjoying years of friendship and fun while riding outdoors.


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