Any horse can be trained to be a trail rider, but some breeds are better suited for this type of riding. Trail horses tend to have plenty of patience and stability. If you know the trails are where you want to be, consider choosing one of the following breeds for your next horse.


With gentle temperaments and sturdy builds, appaloosas are fantastic trail companions. They enjoy all weather and can last all day on the trail with their high endurance. Gather your saddle and other discount horse supplies in preparation for a great trail ride with this horse breed.


Paint horses are friendly and intelligent horses covered in beautiful markings. They are comfortable to ride and stable on rocky paths.

Quarter Horse

One of the most popular horse breeds, quarter horses make excellent trail riders with their sure footing and heavily muscled bodies. They are energetic, intelligent and patient horses, which makes them a good choice for children learning to ride.

Tennessee Walking Horse

A smooth gait is the benefit of this horse breed. They can be speedy if you want and have gentle dispositions, making them a dream to ride on the trail.


This may be the most athletic breed for trail riding. Andalusian horses are calm horses and won’t be spooked by other animals on the trail. Their long stride makes them comfortable to ride and they listen well to their owners.


Morgans are known for their strength, intelligence and personality. They are highly confident, versatile horses that are happy to be on the trail. This breed looks compact, but they are strong and can carry heavy loads with ease.

With so many breeds to choose from for trail riding, you may want to head to a farm and try out the different breeds before purchasing your next horse.


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