Information & Interesting Facts on The Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are non-venomous snakes native to North America. These robust snakes kill their prey by constricting it i.e. killing their prey by exerting huge energy of their physique. Right here is a few info on one this glorious creature. Names It is usually referred to as the pink rat snake. The extra well-known title i.e. the corn snake comes from the truth that these snakes had been discovered within the corn fields they usually have a maize-like sample on their bellies. The time period corn snake is getting used for these snakes not less than since 1676 as it’s cited within the Oxford English Dictionary. Food plan They do not feed day by day, as an alternative they feed each few days. They’ve a food plan primarily consisting of rodents, principally mice and rats, which they kill by way of constriction. They’re proficient climbers and will scale bushes looking for birds and bats. It hunts its prey by squeezing it tightly and thus suffocating it to loss of life. Their younger feed on lizards and tree frogs. In captivity they’re usually consumed rats, mice and chicks. Life Span These Snakes usually reside for 15-20 years within the wild, whereas they’re identified to reside so long as 23 years in captivity. Measurement The grownup corn snakes usually attain a size of three to five ft however can generally turn into so long as 6 ft. Grownup corn snakes seldom exceed 1 kg in weight. Attention-grabbing Details The incubation temperature for his or her eggs decide the intercourse of their younger hatch lings. They are often differentiated from the King snakes by their stomach. They’ve a flat stomach as in comparison with the rounded stomach of the King snake.

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